About Enable

Promotional marketing has evolved significantly since Enable was founded in 1993, but our core values and objectives over those 25 years have not. We maintain the integrity and brand values of our clients by successfully managing and delivering high performance promotions in a fair, safe, compliant and hassle-free manner. No other service provider has the same wealth and depth of experience as Enable's team, which has worked with many of the world's leading FCMG brands and agencies, to improve promotional return on investment, meet targets, reduce risk and enhance brand value. Our success is evident in that we proudly enjoy an exceptionally high client retention rate among consumer goods, retail, restaurant, cinema, music, confectionery and alcoholic drinks sectors, as well as banks, fuel and lottery companies.

If you're thinking of your next promotional campaign, anywhere in the world, utilising any platform, format or mechanic, give Enable a call on +44(0)1934 853770, we can help you to implement a perfect promotional concept, while maintaining the key elements of security, compliance and logistics to safeguard your promotion for your customers, client, brand and product.

Our Services

Project Management

Turn key project management, providing practical, secure and high attention to detail project planning and implementation using Agile and Prince2 methodologies.

Terms and Conditions

Review and generation of Terms and Conditions for any mechanic, in any territory worldwide. Practical legal and logistical support for your promotion.

Data & Digital

Fraud prevention, fraud protection and fraud detection for all promotions, keeping promotions secure, free from abuse and providing genuine prizes for genuine winners.

Systems and Tools

Providing support tools to aid in a promotional marketing activity, either through high level integrations or simple to use, practical tools that provide efficiency in the tasks required to support and validate a promotional marketing activity.

Auditing & Validation

Factory, printer, digital, warehouse, logistical and full supply chain audits keeping promotions safe and secure and offering validations that support promotional marketing excellence throughout the promotion and with all the stakeholders involved.

Winner Management

Winner management processes and verification using GDPR compliant tools that simplify and safeguard consumer data, while maintaining the integrity of promotional validation checks required to process winners and their fulfilment.

A note from Neil Barnes

"This is an exciting opportunity for Enable to showcase our global expansion that services our clients to deliver excellent practicing Operational Management in the field of Promotional Marketing. We are continually assisting clients to maintain the compliance, security and logistical aspects of their promotional marketing campaigns by supporting them with tactical and strategic implementation of projects. So please bear with us whilst we update our website to reflect the ongoing changes and developments not only with us, but also the marketplace. We will expose some of the developments on the new site!"