Meet the Team

Enable has been in business for over 25 years. Over that time Enable have operated promotions all around the world and have delivered some of the world's most prestigious promotions for the biggest and most sophisticated brands. Our experience across conventional promotions from scratch cards, in-pack instant win promotions through to digital activations across multiple channels from web to social media promotional platforms is second to none.

Neil - Managing Director

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"He is the very cool, master face of Enable Promotional Marketing. He doesn't need an intro, but we enjoy talking about him, so we are going to!! He is the founder of our company and a brilliant MD. Super clever, talented genius and with a huge level of experience and knowledge!! We watch him in awe most of the time!"

Charlotte - Snr Projects & Planning Mgr

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"Boy, are we happy to have Charlotte in the office! Mastering project concepts and delivery! The definition of cool and a bundle of energy! She lives by the saying 'work hard – live harder!' Focusing like a hawk at work and transforming into a socialite after hours!"

Josh - Operations Director

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"A very dapper Ops Director of Team Enable! A heart of pure, sunshiny gold! Super clever, high tech and most days on the ball! Always ensuring his team not only implement extremely high standards, he adds strength to our Project Management capabilities but also keeps them in line with his quirky management style"

Enable Departments

Project Department

Responsible for the excellent and efficient delivery of projects irrespective of the complexity that they hold. The projects team deliver around 200 projects at any one time throughout the World, operating in over 58 markets worldwide. Communication and relationships are key to a highly efficient output. Enable work to an Agile and Prince2 methodology to support both rapid and progressive project management and a risk managed and documented approach to project delivery, taking the best of both methodologies to deliver a practical Project Management approach.

Legal Department

Essential to compliance in promotional marketing campaigns, with Enable's experience delivering compliant and accurate legal support in development of mechanics, UX, SoMe, Terms and Conditions, Heads of Terms, Supplier Agreements, GDPR advice, and legal registration in markets throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle-East, South America, South Africa and USA. Integrated with advanced digital capabilities providing a co-ordinated approach so that legal doesn't have to become a headache. It can be planned, considered and approached in a manner that allows for the creative concepts to be delivered without compromise to legal safeguards that protect brands and up-hold the integrity of promotional marketing activities.

Data Department

There to provide fraud detection, validation of entries, winners and process prize draws independently from the promotion. The team supports in providing documented Winning Moment generation, Social Media monitoring, Judging Calibration and Ranking results and the list goes on... Safeguarding data is key to any of our projects, as an ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited company, data is maintained and safeguarded to the highest degree, GDPR is a simple obligation for Enable to support as our key approach has been to over-comply with the regulation. As a bi-product of Enable's Data Analysis, we also provide valuable insights back to the client, demonstrating performance of the project, KPI delivery and bespoke reporting to assist in project evaluation.

Digital Department

Enable also provide Digital Development, with a core focus on tools that aid in providing our independent services while enhancing efficiency in workflow such as judging and moderation. We also provide APIs to allow simple integration of promotional microsites and social media channels to utilise systems such as our Winning Moment Tool, Algorithm Tool (boasting 5 different algorithm logics), Judging Tool, Moderation Tool, Winner Verification Tool (GDPR compliant). Enable's experienced team are able to validate website code, confirm compliance, provide PEN testing and support with technical projects and large integrations.

Auditing Department

Our auditors take care of detailed compliance audits and providing workflow to safeguard promotions delivered with the support of Factories, Warehousing, Supply Chains, DC's or In-Store supported campaigns. Enable's experienced auditors are able to assess risk and implement practical solutions for the delivery of projects through the various supply chains. We can also provide auditing services for Digital / Data aspects of a promotion, to ensure that, with the use of our knowledge in this area, all aspects of a promotion are safe and secure, not only for the brand but also the consumer.

Winner Management

Enable provide 360° solution to all of your promotional campaigns, we provide winner contacting, winner management, winner verification and validation processes. Our winner claim process exceeds GDPR standards and the use of our bespoke tools allow customisation whilst safeguarding consumer data and maintaining the integrity of promotional validation checks required to process winners and their fulfilment.
Our prize experts can negotiate and coordinate a streamlined prize dispatching and tracking process, providing a full circle and efficient conclusion to our Winner Management services.

"Enable's expertise, value and commitment is un-measurable"

FMCG Client

"Enable's understanding of Factory and Production processes provide support in making complex projects happen without disruption! Amazing."

Change Management Specialist