Christmas Card Answers!

Christmas 2018 has arrived! Each year, Enable include a Christmas Quiz to add to the Christmas cheer! We have uploaded our answers to the quiz for download here. We hope you enjoy this years quiz and we look forward to seeing you in the new year! Thanks again for your support. Enjoy!

About Enable

Enable are Operational Management consultants and practitioners in the field of Promotional Marketing. Enable work with many of the world's leading FCMG brands and agencies, to improve promotional return on investment, meet targets, reduce risk and enhance brand value. Our success is evident in that we proudly enjoy an exceptionally high client retention rate among consumer goods, retail, restaurant, cinema, music, confectionery and alcoholic drinks sectors, as well as banks, fuel and lottery companies.

If you're thinking of your next promotional campaign, anywhere in the world, utilising any platform, format or mechanic, give Enable a call on +44(0)1934 853770. We can help you to implement a perfect promotional concept, while maintaining the key elements of security, compliance and logistics to safeguard your promotion for your customers, client, brand and product.

A note from Neil Barnes

"This is an exciting opportunity for Enable to showcase our global expansion that services our clients to deliver excellent practicing Operational Management in the field of Promotional Marketing. As a company, we are continually assisting both our and our clients’ needs to maintain the compliance, security and logistical aspects of their promotional marketing campaigns by supporting them with tactical and strategic implementation of projects. We have laid out in the website the principles and ways that Enable work to achieve this. As you can also tell, we are keen to help"

"Enable's expertise, value and commitment is un-measurable"

FMCG Client

"Enable's understanding of Factory and Production processes provide support in making complex projects happen without disruption! Amazing."

Change Management Specialist