Enable takes pride in working with the world's top FMCG companies to deliver secure, compliant, and honest promotions on the local, national, and international scene. One of Enable's core roles is to provide independent support for Promotional Marketing campaigns while maintaining confidentiality. Enable has a policy of never disclosing their clients' identities to prevent being targeted by fraudsters, maintain anonymity, and prioritize confidence and independence above some self-promotion strategies used by others. Enable are proud of our working relationships, and to maintain total integrity we do not tell the world.

Most of Enable's clients have been associated conjointly for nearly three decades, and Enable help ensure compliance, security, and logistical aspects of Promotional Marketing campaigns through strict NDA and confidentiality agreements. Promotions take many forms and formats, from Prize Draw, Instant Win, and Competition mechanics to sophisticated digital integrations with new platforms, AI, and integrated marketing channels.

With new mechanics comes untested and newly considered risks to mitigate. Enable has specifically formulated teams to support clients in all disciplines requiring their involvement, including Data, Digital, Legal, Social Media, Fulfilment, and Customer Service. Enable utilizes state-of-the-art technology and workflows to ensure projects are monitored and managed to meet all compliance and security goals.


"To be the leading and most respected global provider of promotional marketing operational solutions from concept to completion. To exceed client's expectations through an ethos of integrity, dedication, and expertise, delivering profitable promotional marketing activity and re-assuring confidence for all our clients"